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Synthetic Oil Change Coupons
While Synthetic motor oil has a lot of benefits, it has a major draw back - it's price. Ordinarily, the price of synthetic oil is twice as much as regular motor oil. This partly explain why many people needing synthetic oil change go online searching for synthetic oil change coupons. But before we go searching for synthetic oil change coupons, lets quickly talk about who can use synthetic oil and the benefits of using synthetic motor oil.

Not all cars allow for synthetic oil use. If your car allows for use of synthetic oil, it is advisable then to change to using synthetic for your car. There are plenty of synthetic oil change specials to take advantage of. Most car manufacturers have moved over to requiring synthetic oil, and most newer makes and models specifically require using synthetic oil. As the name implies synthetic oil is synthesized and has been precision engineered to be consistent with uniformed molecules.

Regular motor oil is created from a filtration process of crude motor oil. On the contrary, Synthetic oil rearranges the molecules to form a new product that conforms to perfect specifications in shape and size. It also contains additional additives that help fight off sludge and other debris build up in the engine. Because of the superior nature of synthetic oil, it can last much longer without the need to be changed.

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With conventional motor oil, the greater part of engine friction and the resultant wear and tear occur when the motor is just warming up or while under high load. Synthetic oil on the other hand ensures that your engine is protected and in optimal working condition, regardless of your driving habits and or driving conditions.

Also, with synthetic oil there is the added benefit of less frequent oil change. This saves you time and money while protecting your engine for a much longer time which in turn saves you even more money.

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