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Oil Change Near Me
In any given month, many people go online to type in the search phrase "Oil Change Near Me". I have done that and you probably have before now. But before you hit the Google search engine with "Oil change near me", here are somethings you should know.

1. How Often Do You Need to Get Your Engine Oil Changed?

In the past, the answer to this question is in most cases - After 3,000 miles. With newer model cars, the answer is no longer as simple as 3,000 miles. Now it is more like it depends. But what does it depend on? It depends on the make and model of your car and how your car is used.

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New model cars have better combustion technology and may not be limited to the 3,000 mile service requirement. When in doubt, always check with your manufacturer's manual.

2. How to Determine How Often you Need to Change Your Engine Oil

There are two ways to determine if you car is in close need of an oil change. The good news is that you can do these checks yourself without having to drive down to the mechanic or oil service shop next door.

The first method is to check the user manual that came with your vehicle. Your manual gives you details regarding the recommended time to change your engine oil according to the specification of the manufacturer. Since this information would be more specific to your model vehicle, the information would be more appropriate, rather than asking a mechanic who deals with different makes and models of vehicles everyday.

The second can be used if the owner's manual has been lost. You will have to physically check the cleanliness and quality of your vehicle's engine oil. To do this, you will have to open the hood of your vehicle and search for the dip-stick. Once the dip-stick is located, you can pull it up and check the level, color and quality of the oil. If your oil level is fine, check the color and clarity of your lubricant and it should be dirt-free and should have a richer amber color.

If that is the case, you most probably do not need an urgent visit to the local lube shop. But if the level is low, and there is evidence of dirt or discoloration, it is probably time to pay your local lube or oil change shop a visit without further delay.

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